G.wave by Gaël Betts®:

Are you considering purchasing hair extensions?

Hair extensions are now available in so many different techniques that it can be very confusing to choose a method that is right for you. G.wave by Gaël Betts® answers your questions by comparing the GEEwig™ to others existing products.

Enjoy thickness and length for your hair which you always dreamed about; thanks to GEEwig™!

The GEEwig™ is a revolutionary concept of hair extensions made with 100% natural hair and conceived for every type of head and hair. It is offered in six basic colors and in two lengths. Because of this 100% natural hair, of higher quality, it’s possible to trim and colour your GEEwig™ in order to match it perfectly to your hair.

GEEwig™ is an improved version of all that is on the market at the moment. The unique design of the base in a resistant and flexible net fits perfectly behind the head and only three clips are necessary to integrate it into your hair; which allows a simple and easy installation contrary to our competitors.

You dream of abundant and long hair or quite simply to change your look for an evening, GEEwig™ is for you!

Type of extensions: GEEwig™

Type of extensions: Others

The unique design of the base in a resistant and flexible net, wife perfectly behind the head and only three clips are necessary to integrate it into your hair. Braided, waxed, Glued/bond base (Polymer – Keratin or others proteins), multiple clips, old fashioned hair piece (half wig).
Precondition to wear the GEEwig™: Your hair length should be down to your neck, because the GEEwig™ goes under your own hair. The GEEwig™ is comfortable even if your hair is thin. Precondition for permanent extensions: Your hair must be thick because permanent extensions are held with your own hair. Your hair can be damaged.
Type and quality of hair used: The GEEwig™ is hand made, in Canada, using 100% Grade A human hair. Type and quality of hair used: Synthetic, semi-natural and 100% natural hair. Indian, Asian and Chinese.
Lifespan: The GEEwig™ will last for years. Lifespan: From 3 to 6 months (max).
Cost: Prices start at 450$ (this includes the 3D) Cost: Prices vary between 300$ and 2000$ (half or full head).
Steps: Only one session is needed to install your GEEwig™. A professional will assist you in your choice. In only two hours, everything will be done. Steps: For a full head, you will need about 2 sessions of 4 to 10 hours each.
Cut and coloration: The GEEwig™ can, if needed, be tinted and cut to match perfectly your personal style and hair colour. Cut and coloration: Your color must be done a few days before and the cut will be done after the installation.
Maintenance: Wash your GEEwig™ by hand with the same hair products you use for your own hair. Your platform will allow you to perform every hair styles with your own tools. Maintenance: These extensions require a synthetic fibbers brush. When brushing, holds the extensions carefully, otherwise they can get unglued. Warning: Do not bring the hot iron closer than 10 cm from your scalp. A routine check up by your hair stylist should be done every 3 to 6 weeks.

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